When Momma’s away…

This weekend I was incredibly blessed by being able to attend the Pray. Reach. Challenge. Conference at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. The conference was an awesome blend of times that refreshed and fed me spiritually and amazing, practical suggestions and examples for my work at church. Plus, can I just say that it was such an amazing thing that I just got to be a consumer (for lack of a better word/metaphor) of the weekend instead of being involved as a producer? Yes. I can say that. It’s my blog and I just said it. I just showed up and was fed. I needed that. Big time. Take a minute to think of how you can feed the “producers” (pastors, teachers, etc.) at your church this week, then do it. It’s important.

Anyway, it was a short conference – noon on Friday until 4:30 this afternoon – but it marked the first time that I left town by myself since the Bug came along. I missed two days and two bed times (I didn’t get back until after 10 p.m. since I had to stop by church and print worship programs for tomorrow). That part of the weekend STUNK.  I survived, though, and Paige and Jeffrey had an awesome daddy-daughter weekend complete with sleeping in until 9:30 (why doesn’t that happen when I’m here?), eating at Mary Lou’s Donuts with the committee (you know, the old people who always sit at the counter in places like Mary Lou’s or diners and solve the world’s problems over coffee) and lots of snuggling.

But, when Momma’s away, things get a little crazy and silly and… dangerous. But, Jeffrey has not learned to destroy the evidence yet, so I get to see what really goes on when I’m not here. It’s a good thing he kept this particular piece of evidence, though, because it’s a video that is impossible to watch without smiling, and the world could use more mandatory smiling.

Watch this little video and be happy.

That’s my brave, dare-devil, no-respect-for-gravity, fun-loving, silly daughter, and I can’t wait until she wakes up in the morning. :)




Italian Dinner with The Bug

Jeffrey’s working late in the fields tonight. There’s been snow in the air the last couple of days, so winter is chasing him. He’s so close to being done with harvest so that he can put his “farmer hours” away until it’s time to plant in the spring. We’re looking forward to him being back on a normal schedule so that we can see him at breakfast and supper, not one or the other (or neither).

Since it’s just us girls tonight, we decided to go on a fancy Italian dinner date… in our kitchen. Bug was afraid she didn’t have anything fancy enough to wear, so she just came in her diaper. But we had a great time anyway.

I learned tonight that the Bug loves selfies. Help! (See the middle photo.)

I learned tonight that the Bug loves selfies. Help! (See the middle photo.)


I took a little post-nosh video because this girl was just being too yummy. Enjoy! I’m off to throw that girl in the bathtub!

2012 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!

We’re so thankful for everything that has happened in our family in the last year! First and foremost, of course, we’re thankful for our sweet, sweet Paige Esther! Little Bug brings so much joy into our lives each day, sometimes it’s all hard for us to believe.

Paige is four months old now and is learning more and more each day. Her latest trick is picking up her paci and putting it in her mouth by herself. She’s a pro at rolling over and is getting really good at scooting. It’s not crawling yet because her little body hasn’t quite caught up with her mind. She’s got the motions of crawling down, but she’s not strong enough to hold herself all the way up, so she mostly just scoots around on her belly with her head up. She’s dying to be able to crawl by herself and tends to get a bit frustrated when she can’t go where she wants, when she wants. We’re pretty sure that as soon as she starts crawling, she’s not going to stop! Time to baby-proof La Maison!

Paige is still a great sleeper. We’re in a great routine of reading a story, “topping off the tank,” and putting Paige to bed around 8 p.m. each night. She’s a champion sleeper. We put her down in her crib while she’s still awake with her paci and she’s usually completely zonked within about 10 minutes. She sleeps just like her mommy – flat on her back with her arms above her head. She usually is up once (sometimes twice) a night, but she goes back down right away with no trouble. And, about once or twice a week, she sleeps through the night. We couldn’t ask for a better sleeper!

Paige is growing taller each day. She’s still a skinny little Bug; she weighed in at 13 lbs, 1 oz. at her four-month well-baby check-up on Monday. That beautiful hair that so many of you have asked about is growing longer and darker and red-er each day, it seems. Mommy’s having a lot of fun coordinating “hair prettys” with her outfits each day.

Bug’s personality is blossoming, too. She is the happiest baby in the world. No, seriously. The happiest baby in the world! Several people – at church, at the doctor’s office, at the grocery store, at the mall – have commented that they’ve never seen a baby as happy as Paige. It’s not that she’s never fussy. When she’s hungry or she needs a diaper change or she’s fighting sleep (a new trick – she’s so afraid of missing out on something!), Paige fusses. Most of the time, though, she’s not just not fussy, she’s smiling. She’s very interactive and alert and her face lights up anytime that anyone pays attention to her. She hasn’t met a stranger yet! She is also so talkative, that she’ll strike up a conversation with anyone whose willing to listen and talk back. She’s an absolute joy!

As for the rest of our family, Jeffrey and I are just soaking up being Paige’s parents. We’re having so much fun! Paige is a true gift from God and we feel so blessed that God chose us to be her parents and to be part of teaching her about His love for her and helping her to discover His plans for her life.

Jeffrey’s work at Purdue is still going well and he still enjoys and looks forward to going to work each day. In January, I started working at our church, Elmwood Church of Christ, as an office manager. I never thought I’d want a job like this, but I love it. I love working for and with our church family and I get to use my creativity, too.

We hope and pray that your family has experienced the fullness of the love and grace of Christ this year and that, as you prepare to celebrate Christmas together, you are reminded of His great love and use opportunities to share that love with others.

Grace and peace,

Jeffrey, Rachel, and Paige

P.S. – – We’re super stoked about The Bug’s first Christmas. Here’s a couple of fun videos of Paige and tissue paper to show you what we’re looking forward to on Christmas morning.

Paige vs. Tissue Paper, Round 1

Paige vs. Tissue Paper, Round 2

And, for good measure, if you’ve missed our recent “Jabber Bug” posts on Facebook, here’s a couple of videos of Paige having some serious conversations with Mommy and Daddy… and a video of her holding her bottle all by herself.

Jabber Bug, Pt. 1

Jabber Bug, Pt. 2

The Bug and the Bottle

Splish Splash!

Time for some squeaky-clean adorableness from our little Paige-Bug!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Paige’s first bath at home was not a pleasant experience for her. She was pretty sure that she was being wrongly punished for another person’s crime. Mom and Dad learned two important lessons from that first bath: 1) don’t wake Paige to bathe her – wait until she’s already alert and awake and then introduce bath time and 2) don’t bathe Paige on an empty stomach – a milk drunk baby is much more amenable to a bath.
By bath number two, Paige only screamed for half the bath. By bath number three, Paige didn’t cry at all – in fact she seemed to be relaxed by the process!

If you’d like to see Paige’s first bath, check out the video below. Disclaimer: This video is almost 20 minutes long and the Bug screamed for almost the whole bath. However, we thought that Paige-Bug’s grandparents would appreciate any video of her, even if she’s unhappy in the video.

Grace and peace,