Answers to a Prayer (I didn’t know I was praying)

God answered a prayer for me about a struggle I’ve been having – with prayer. A prayer I didn’t even realized that I WAS praying until He answered it. Continue reading


Caring for the Bug

It’s not fun to have a sick little one. It’s not fun for her and it’s not fun for Mommy and Daddy. The weekend before Christmas, Paige was still pretty sick. She didn’t feel well – not like herself – and she was tired of not feeling well. She wasn’t into playing. She was not her sparkly, happy self. Her little eyes were still glassy and she was just a pitiful little thing.

Then, on Sunday evening, I got a text from a friend at church asking if I could come to the door. I missed the text at first, because Paige was just waking up from a nap. When I texted her back, she replied that there was a care package at the door. And what a care package! The box was full of lots of fun toys and even some fun family projects like Snoopy Doghouse Gingerbread Houses to decorate! But, by far, Paige’s favorite part was the light-up wand.

PicMonkey CollageWhat a blessing! That was the first time Paige’s eyes had lit up since she had been sick! She was our happy little girl who forgot for a few minutes that she didn’t feel well.

Our church family is a source of constant blessings for us. We were covered by so many prayers when we were in the hospital, and we knew it. The doctors were on the verge of admitting Paige because her fever was not coming down. They wanted to try one more thing before admitting her. I was not super optimistic. However, that one thing worked! In just one hour, Paige’s fever dropped from almost 103 (I don’t remember the exact) to 98.9! For sure felt the prayers of our families and church families.

It wasn’t our plan to stay in Lafayette. Jeffrey and I were planning to move back to Nashville where I did my undergrad after I finished my graduate work. But, in the first semester of my PhD, we realized that we felt more at home in Lafayette than either of us ever had before. That “home” feeling came from our church family, and we couldn’t imagine moving. So we made the choice to stay. I’m not doing what I thought I’d be doing when I grew up, but I actually work for my church family now, so you can’t beat that. We’re so blessed to be part of the Elmwood family!