Welcome to our family cook book!

“Wait, what? Did you write these recipes?”

No, silly. This is just where I keep track of recipes we love and that we love to use often.

“Wait, what? Isn’t that what Pinterest is for?”

Wow. You’re a bit judge-y today, eh? I have a Pinterest account, OK? For some people, Pinterest works for archiving and cataloging recipes, but not for me. Here’s why: 1) I pin whatever looks good at the time, and very little of those pins end up being recipes that I actually make. 2) I have a “food i have made (and  recommend)” board, but there’s just not enough room in a Pinterest description to list substitutions I make (like substitutions to make things gluten-free or soy milk for regular milk) and the nutrition information. 3) Pinterest is a MAJOR distractor for me. I’m incapable of opening up my Pinterest app and just going and finding the recipe I need and not browsing all of the pretty, pretty things.

“Wait, what?”

Just stop right there! Enough already! These are recipes we’ve made and love, OK? Having them here makes it convenient for us and it means that you’re welcome to try these Ravellette-approved recipes, too. Feel free to Pin them, if it means so much to you.

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