Paige Week-to-Week

Inspired by the folks over at Young House Love, I’ve set out on a journey to document Paige’s growth in her first year with weekly photos. Sherry and John took weekly photos of their daughter, Clara, in a white onesie against a new fabric background each week. You can see their awesome project here. I’ve decided to do a bit of a variation on their project with Paige. Each week, it’s my goal to take photos of Paige in a white 12-month onesie against the same fabric background. Through the weeks, we’ll get to see Paige grow into the onesie that is so giant on her in the first few weeks of photos.
Each week will include four photos. Yep, four. I can’t limit myself to just one picture of the Paige Bug each week for several reasons. For one, Paige is just way too beautiful. Two, I’m not good at limiting myself on things like word counts (see my rather verbose posts for proof) or photos. And three, each of Paige’s photo shoots ends up totaling at least 100 pictures (so really, four seems like a very reasonable number in that light). Note: I’ve already cheated twice and posted five pictures for week five and six pictures for week six, but tell me, which ones would you leave out? Precisely. None of them. I do promise that I won’t post 43 pictures for week 43… probably.
I hope you enjoy watching Paige grow in this way! Clicking on any of the photos below will allow you to view it larger and scroll through all the photos.


One thought on “Paige Week-to-Week

  1. Rachel and Jeffery and of course Paige:

    We just love to see the pictures! She has grown so much and each time we see a new picture she changes. So very pretty! Thank you for sending the pictures along so we can keep up with her growing and she is so alert and know both of you just fall in love with her a little more each day. Oh what a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents.
    Give her a hug and kisses from us! Nobe and Phyllis

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