Prayer: What I (Apparently) Knew But Didn’t Do, Part 1

I’m not an expert on prayer. I attended a conference last year that really inspired me to learn more about prayer, and led to me share the results of that learning in a spiritual disciplines class at our church. Confession: since doing all that learning, I’ve done little doing. I’m really starting to feel how desperately I need to be about the work of prayer, and at just the right time (ahem… God moved and) I came across a set of notes that I prepared for that spiritual disciplines class on prayer. They’re pretty good notes with some challenging and inspiring information, but I had completely forgotten about all of it. Apparently I knew this stuff about prayer. I didn’t do it. This information is hitting me fresh, so I’m sharing it with you in a series of five posts. (You can read more about all of that here.) This information and inspiration about prayer is aggregated from several people and sources that I consider to be credible within this topic. This is not my own knowledge or information. Again, I’m not an expert, really just a curator. Check back over the next several days for the rest of my notes on prayer.

I took this picture at a small church in Santa Lucia, Honduras in March of 2005. Shot with my Dad's old Minolta film SLR, it's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken (that doesn't have my Bug in it).

I took this picture in a small church in Santa Lucia, Honduras in March of 2005. Shot with my Dad’s old Minolta film SLR on black and white film, it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken (that doesn’t have my Bug in it).

Why pray?


  1. Divine Invitation: The Almighty Invites us In (cf. Jeremiah 29:12-13)
  2. Divine Promise: God Answers Prayer (cf. Genesis 18:20-33, Exodus 32: 9 – 14, Jonah 3:10)
  3. Divine Adventure: God Has Great Things in Store (cf. Jeremiah 33:3)
  4. Prayer is an Opportunity for Intimacy with God
  5. God Moves Through Partnership With Us in Prayer (Without God, you can’t, but without you, He won’t!)
  6. Prayer is an Opportunity for Divine Invasion. It invites the power of heaven to invade earth.

From Simon Mbevi (Breakout Session – “The Power of a Praying Church,” Pray. Reach. Challenge. Conference 2013, Southeast Christian Church, October 25, 2013):

  • “… you know you could be different if you prayed how you are called to pray.”
  • “A church is as powerful as its prayer life. A praying church is made up of praying followers of Christ. A Christian cannot grow beyond his prayer base. Paul told the Colossians: ‘Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.’ Devote here means to give yourself fully, with all your passion and strength.”
  • “When we spend time in prayer, God gets to work outside of what makes sense to us.”

What about you? Why do you pray? Or, more to the point if you’re like me, why don’t you pray? Have you experienced a time when “God [worked] outside of what makes sense” to you after you prayed?

Grace and peace,
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