When Momma’s away…

This weekend I was incredibly blessed by being able to attend the Pray. Reach. Challenge. Conference at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. The conference was an awesome blend of times that refreshed and fed me spiritually and amazing, practical suggestions and examples for my work at church. Plus, can I just say that it was such an amazing thing that I just got to be a consumer (for lack of a better word/metaphor) of the weekend instead of being involved as a producer? Yes. I can say that. It’s my blog and I just said it. I just showed up and was fed. I needed that. Big time. Take a minute to think of how you can feed the “producers” (pastors, teachers, etc.) at your church this week, then do it. It’s important.

Anyway, it was a short conference – noon on Friday until 4:30 this afternoon – but it marked the first time that I left town by myself since the Bug came along. I missed two days and two bed times (I didn’t get back until after 10 p.m. since I had to stop by church and print worship programs for tomorrow). That part of the weekend STUNK.  I survived, though, and Paige and Jeffrey had an awesome daddy-daughter weekend complete with sleeping in until 9:30 (why doesn’t that happen when I’m here?), eating at Mary Lou’s Donuts with the committee (you know, the old people who always sit at the counter in places like Mary Lou’s or diners and solve the world’s problems over coffee) and lots of snuggling.

But, when Momma’s away, things get a little crazy and silly and… dangerous. But, Jeffrey has not learned to destroy the evidence yet, so I get to see what really goes on when I’m not here. It’s a good thing he kept this particular piece of evidence, though, because it’s a video that is impossible to watch without smiling, and the world could use more mandatory smiling.

Watch this little video and be happy.

That’s my brave, dare-devil, no-respect-for-gravity, fun-loving, silly daughter, and I can’t wait until she wakes up in the morning. :)




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